Monday, February 28, 2011

Tim & Kayla

Hey everyone! Yesterday I had the wonderful chance to photograph some old friends. Meet Tim and Kayla! Kayla used to live down the street from me...about 13 years ago. We used to ride bikes all around the neighborhood and play softball together. Tim played baseball with Jake and was in the same class as both of us. It was great to see them! Tim & Kayla tied the knot earlier this month and Tim is being deployed in a few days. They called me to take engagement/post-wedding/before Tim leaves pictures. I'm so glad that they did. These photos turned out super cute. : )


Tim & Kayla have lots of silly pictures so it was only fitting to add to their collection!

Cute Cute!
Kayla's elbows were hurting so she roled over on Tim's back to rest. I like how this turned out! It's cute!

You all know how I love moments right before a kiss : )

Tim is really involved in pool. He's REALLY good at pool. I was thoroughly impressed!
: )
Love this one!
Haha I love silly pictures! They make me smile!

Sweet sweet!

Thank you Tim & Kayla for allowing me to take these pictures. Tim will be deployed for 11 to 12 months; everyone please pray for him and Kayla while he is away. Thank you Tim for serving our country. I appreciate what you do more than I could express. I had a blast with you guys!
{b. blissful; b. blessed}

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