Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Max!

Hello all! I'm so glad to be writing this blog as I FINALLY have my internet back. Thank you Suddenlink guys for getting to me so quickly-as I showed up at your office and begged for someone to fix it today! :D

On Saturday I photographed Max's 60th birthday but it wasn't just a celebration of Max's life; it was so much more than that. Keep reading and I'll explain.

(Thank you Two Clever Chicks for planning and including me in this event.)

In Max's birthday invitation he requested that no one bring him gifts. Why? Because he had something much more meaningful in mind. Max requested that any money that would have been spent on gifts be put into an account to help someone else. Who you ask? An amazing man named Rodney, who is currently battling cancer. In an information card sent with the birthday invitation Max explained that Rodney and his family are currently in a medical battle with Rodney's insurance company as to who and how Rodney's medical bills will be covered. Due to the cancer treatment Rodney's medical bills are staggering. The only thing Max wanted for his friend was the chance to help. At the door each guest donated money to help support Rodney. Max made it clear that any amount raised from his birthday party he would match. It was a wonderful event and I'm so glad that I was a part of it. Below is a photo of a card that each person donating money would fill out.
The donation cards were tied to an iron tree.
So many generous people donated money to the cause.

Live music!

Max made the announcement that all the funds raised at the door would go to Rodney. Rodney and his family did not know that the money was being raised for them so it was a wonderful surprise!
Rodney and Shana, Max's wife.
Max saying great things about Rodney!
Rodney and his wife

Time to dance

I dropped by the door to see what the amount raised was. Here it is. Keep in mind that Max would match this amount as well. : )
Max making the announcement that another person at the event was also going to match the amount raised at the door!! Whoa!!!

Haha look at the good time everyone is having!! Love it!!
Max doing "The Gator"
Max telling someone else to take the floor.
Max's son showed how he could also do the Gator. ; )
Dad's approval!
Max and his family
Rodney, Max, and Max's family : )
The amount at the door times 3...what a wonderful night!!
Happy 60th Birthday Max. Thank you for acting so selfless about your birthday. May God bless you and be with Rodney as he undergoes his cancer treatment. I will keep both of you in my prayers! I had such a great time!
{b. blissful; b. blessed}

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