Sunday, January 16, 2011

Madison's 16th Birthday

Hello everyone!! It has been an extremely busy weekend for me. I spent most of the day friday setting up for the Bridal Expo at the MPEC center. I finished just in time to meet up at the Country Club to photograph Madison's (surprise) 16th Birthday party. This party was complete with lovely decorations, beautiful cake, great friends, and "photobooth" fun. Enjoy!

The birthday girl! Meet Madison!

Thank you Two Clever Chicks for refering me for this event (and coordinating it of course). Ladies out there planning a wedding check out Two Clever Chicks. They are fabulous in every way!!

Isn't this cake amazing!! I wish I knew who to give props to for this but sadly I don't. : (

The girls hid behind a wall and I gave the signal when Madison and her mom were coming so that they could jump out and yell surprise. Madison told us later that she wasn't that shocked...oh yes you were honey bunny! Here's the proof!

Welcome to the REALLY fun part of this blog!! "Photobooth" pictures! Now I don't do a true photobooth where everyone piles into a dark box and takes pictures that print out on a thin strip. We have dress up craziness! I brought my studio lighting, Two Clever Chicks brought their collection of props, and we had fun! Very soon I'm going to order a large black curtained backdrop to take all these style pictures in front of. Essentially it is the same as a photobooth only you can fit LOTS more friends into the photograph. Enjoy these!
Girls, you were SUPER!

This one is probably my favorite! Love these photos!

After the photobooth the girls had dinner. Here is Madison looking lovely!
Madison ordered a Sherlie Timple and informed everyone that she could tie the cherry stem in a knot with her tongue...

...and she absolutely did! Haha!
Cake time!
Madison had the giggles : )

Yummy : )
Presents! This stuffed animal had a surprise on it.

Aren't these gorgeous! I'm kind of jealous!

Real german chocolate!! Whoa!

Beautiful bracelet from a friend : )

Madison, congratulations on turning 16. That is a wonderful age! Cherish your family and friends because they are fabulous-just like you.

Thank you for including me in this special day!
{b. blissful;b. blessed}

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