Monday, December 20, 2010

Mike & Amanda's Wedding

This is my last blog for the night and I am so excited to post it!! Sunday night was Mike & Amanda's wedding. It was a night full of love, laughter, smiles, and dancing. Please enjoy the pictures...I posted a lot. I need to have someone else pick blog pictures for weddings because I ALWAYS pick too many. Enjoy!

Kaegan shot this wedding with me and she captured quite a few of the detail pictures. She is quickly becoming a wonderful photographer and I love love LOVE working with her!

The pearls were Amanda's something old. : )

The dress!

Amanda's bridesmaids did her hair and make-up. It was super sweet!

Kaegan's photo

Detail by Kaegan

All in the elevator! : )

Mike and Amanda opted to do a "first look." I love first look photos! They always make for wonderful pictures of the bride and groom; not to mention it helps calm their nerves before the wedding. : )
Kaegan's view
My angle
Kaegan with some lovely lense flare

Happy tears. So sweet! : )
Favorite of the day I believe. I've said it before but there is something super romantic about the moment right before a kiss. : )

A little down time before the ceremony : )
This was one of the sweetest things I've seen in a while. One of Amanda's bridesmaids read Proverbs 31:10-31 on what it means to be a good wife. It was very sweet.
After the reading the bridesmaids prayed for Amanda and Mike. It was so wonderful!
Amanda and her father walking down the aisle. Kaegan's angle
Mike watching Amanda walk in : )
The hand off-by Kaegan : )
Lighting the unity candle
The kiss : )

Presenting Mr. & Mrs. Barnett!!

First dance
Look at how in love they are!
Love it!

Sharing a laugh about the toasts

Gamma Phi Beta picture-Thank you Jake for taking this picture!
Billy Bob!
The dancing at this wedding was A-Mazing! It made for some great pictures!

The thriller dance...priceless! What is it about Michael Jackson that can make everyone break into song and dance? ; )

The toss

Haha love this one!
The garter toss...
...that got stuck on the fan. What are the chances!

B for Barnett : )
I love sparklers! This angle by Kaegan

One last look before they left for the honeymoon : )
Thank you Mike and Amanda for letting me be a part of your day. You guys are amazing and I wish you a long and beautiful marriage!
Thank you Kaegan for shooting with me! Thank you Jake for making the trip with me because you know I dislike metroplex traffic. : )
{b. blissful; b. blessed}

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