Sunday, October 3, 2010

Jeff & Whitney

So as many of you probably know I'm running pretty behind on my blog tonight is my blogging marathon! I made a deal with myself that I could not touch the pictures from the wedding I shot this weekend until I blogged the last few photo sessions I have had. So here we go!

About two weeks ago (I know I'm so sorry this was so long's pretty sad when I've given the CD of all the edited images before I've posted the blog) I had the chance to photograph Jeff and Whitney's engagement session. Jeff and Whitney are due to be married this summer and I can't wait to document their wedding as well! Whitney and I are sorority sisters and I considered it a wonderful honor that she asked me to take her pictures! Jeff and Whitney, you guys are such a fabulous couple and I had a blast taking pictures of you two! Here are a few of my personal favorites. Enjoy!

As I'm sure many of you have noticed I am a complete sucker for lens flare. I love golden glow in pictures! It's so romantic!

Love love LOVE this one!

So sassy!

There are so many that I love from this session! I had a blast with you two! Can't wait for wedding!
{b. blissful; b. blessed}

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