Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rusty and Shannon

On monday I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph Rusty and Shannon's wedding. They are a super fun couple with tons of love for one another. Their wedding had many differences from any other wedding I had ever photographed but it so fit who they are. This was also the first wedding that my new second shooter, Kaegan, came along to shoot as well. I love her creative eye and she did such a great job. (Thanks Little!)

I love details...please forgive me for how many detail photos I put in my blog! : )

Shannon's shoes were so beautiful and fun! I loved them so much!!

Ring shot!

My favorite ring shot to date! Haha that's a make-up brush and make-up compacts in case anyone is confused : )

Shannon applied her own make-up and got ready with her fiancee, Rusty in the room. This is the part that was so different to me but it fit them. Shannon had had a rough morning and by the time it was her moment to get ready she didn't mind if Rusty saw her before the "first look" photos. Since all Shannon's family and attendants were busy getting everything organized for the wedding and reception Rusty stayed back to help her get ready.

I love flowers in updos. They're so classy!

Rusty helped Shannon get into her dress and even zipped her up. I have never seen anything like this done but it was so sweet and unique! I loved it! I offered to help Shannon get ready so that Rusty could wait until the "first look" to see her. Shannon said, "No, it will still be the first look to us even if he helps me here." I agree. These are precious!

Rusty even helped Shannon with her shoes since she couldn't see her feet. : )

Classy bride : )

I really worried about the expressions for the "first look" since it wasn't truly the "first look," but I don't think it made a difference. Just look at how happy these two are!!


So sweet!! I love it!!

Lovely! One of the only serious face photos of the day!

Rusty and Shannon could barely look at each other without being all smiles. They are so very very in love.

So sweet!

Funny story about this chair...haha. It's my mom's chair actually and I asked to use it in case I thought it would work for the first look pictures. It was perfect with the scenery so I used it...well when we finished using the chair we just forgot about it...and I actually drove away from this location without it. Thankfully I realized on my way to the next location that I left it and was able to rush back and get it. Sorry mom!


Isn't Shannon amazingly beautiful!? Oh my goodness she looked so classy!

Kaegan and I loved the vines!

More vines : )

Vines and a hint of lens flare. Swoon!

The flowers were so great! I need to get the name of the florist because she did an awesome job!

Kaegan's angle; look at Shannon's 90 degree angle bend...we were way impressed!

My angle...so sweet : )

Shannon said the selling feature of her dress was the pockets. Love it!

We changed locations for the bridal party pictures. Can I just say that it was hot outside!!! These guys and gals were great sports though and totally rocked these photos!

I love jumping pictures...they make me smile!

Love this!! I think it's one of my favorites for the day!

Get it guys!
Detail photo by Kaegan.

My perspective! :)

Photo by Kaegan. This is her perspective of the above photo! Love it! She impressed me so much!

Kaegan's photo of dad watching the bride walk to the ceremony. So beautiful!!

The kiss! Always one of my favorite photos!

Shannon's new mother-in-law gave her pearls as soon as she became Mrs. Farias. Lovely!

This is something that I've never used before. Jake's dad, Frank, let me use this IR camera to capture the images below. Soooo pleased with these! This is a new must have for me! Look at how it captures the reflection of the clouds in the glass. Amazing!

Love it!

Kaegan's angle : )
Shannon's mom surprised the couple with a limo to drive them to the reception in Burk. Great surprises all around!!

: )

Shannon requested an elevator picture so here are two!! : )

Romantic?...I think so ; )

Ok this was quite possibly the coolest part of Rusy and Shannon's wedding! Custom made ninja cake toppers of the bride and groom! Kaegan and I were completely obsessed with them!! :D

The ice cream cake! Another unique feature!

More ninjas!!
Ring shot!

First dance photo! So tender and sweet!!

Kaegan's perspective of the same photo. She's awesome, right!

They did it! Mr. and Mrs. Farias congratulations on being husband and wife! Kaegan and I had soooo much fun photographing your wedding. You two were absolutely fabulous!

{b.blissful; b. blessed}


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