Saturday, January 22, 2011

Matt & Madeline

Today was a great day! Jake and I began the day by FINALLY beginning to register for gifts. We've been so busy with life that we're just now starting to really focus on the details of our wedding. I use the term "focus" a bit loosely because we're still so undecided about a few things. Save the dates? Should we or shouldn't we? Change our venue...this far out-should we or shouldn't we? The problem is we're pretty easy-going so we're not too worried about some things...but we need to be! I share all of this because I feel I have a connection with all my clients this season due to the fact that we'll all going through the same process; we're planning our weddings! Haha it's such a wonderful yet crazy time! For those of you that are curious I will be tying the knot with the love of my life on June 25, 2011! Whoop!

I'm really excited about today's blog because this is the first couple that I booked out of bridal market! Meet Matt and Madeline! They are such a fun fabulous couple and I have loved getting to know them this past week. For those of you that are curious I have booked eight weddings this week from bridal market and I'm SOOO excited about all my 2011 sessions! I feel so blessed to be at this point in my career and I thank God constantly for the everything He has given me.

Matt and Madeline are getting married July 30, 2011 and have been dating for six years. They are so AWESOME together! I told myself that I was going to start limiting my engagement/bridal blogs to about 15 here's 48 images for you to enjoy! Haha I'm so hopeless! Enjoy!

Adjusting the tie : )

"I.O.U. one galaxy" is a term of endearment between Matt and Madeline. They explained to me that it was what they used to say to each other before they said 'I love you.' I love it!

Love this one!

Sweet sweet!

I love these serious faces!

: )
'Crentpockey' is a "word" that Matt made up. Haha! I wish I could tell you all what it means but I'm not really sure... ; )


Matt and Madeline are huge movie fans! I love this picture of Matt feeding Madeline popcorn! It is absolutely their element!

Favorite of the day I think...but I love a lot of these!Thank you Wichita Theatre for allowing us to take a few pictures inside the building!

Under the lights of the Wichtita Theatre! Love how this turned out!


Matt and Madeline-I had such a great time with you guys! You're so great! I'm sad that I won't really get to see you until July 30, 2011! I know Madeline and I will have some text messages and E-mails before then though! ; ) You guys were fabulous! Thank you for a wonderful session!
{b. blissful; b.blessed}

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