Monday, October 25, 2010

Baby Caden

Meet Caden!! This handsome young man is a week old and I stopped by to see him today to take some newborn pictures! He is so darn precious and it's a good thing too because this was the shortest photo session I have ever had-15 minutes. Haha that's all the time he was willing to tolerate as Allyssa and I moved him around and I flashed him with my camera flash. I was able to snap 60 pictures before he refused to take it any more. He is so perfect though and completely beautiful. We didn't get to do all the fun ideas we had hoped for but these are still super super sweet. : ) Enjoy!

Sleeping on mom! So sweet!

I love sweet dad pictures. They melt my heart!

Poor baby : (

He's trying to open those eyes! : )

: )

Mom knows how to make him feel better!

You guys are so sweet! Congratulations Luke and Allyssa! Your baby boy is absolutely beautiful!

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