Friday, December 17, 2010

Andy & Kacey

Hello all! It has been a fantastic day! Why? Because school is out for two weeks and that means I can get caught up with my photography work. There is SOOO much going on for me right now(photography wise...haha and in life) and I will be giving you all more details on that very soon. I'm very VERY excited about some things that are coming up in 2011. Hopefully I'll be able to blog some more about that in my free time but for now there are two things that you should be excited about! First-I was able to take pictures of my best friend since third grade and her new husband! That's what this blog is all about so you'll see pictures from that very soon. Second-Mike and Amanda are getting married on sunday so I will be posting my last session of the year next week. Exciting stuff!

Like I said earlier I was able to take pictures of Kacey and Andy this week. About a year and a half ago Kacey moved with Andy to New Jersey. Naturally, during the time I didn't agree with Kacey moving off with Andy...for a few obvious reasons: 1) She would be leaving me 2) She would be dropping her entire life here for a man I thought she knew very little about 3) She would be alone in New Jersey with no one but this man I didn't know anything about. It was scary for me. The thing about Kacey though is that she is very stubborn. There is no changing her mind about anything she is set on. And she was set on Andy. I'm happy to say that I now understand it. I have NEVER seen her as happy with anyone as I have seen her with Andy. They are perfect together and you will see evidence of that in the pictures below. Kacey and Andy were married in March and are very happy together. : ) Here are some newly wed pictures of them for your enjoyment!

Ok I have to mention the small story that goes with this picture. We were taking pictures in downtown Burkburnett on a street that has this very charming building front. We were taking a picture in front of the car mural when the store owner walked outside and rudely informed us that, "We don't do pictures here." Completely startled as I have never had this happen to me we left quickly. Andy asked me, "Can he really tell us we can't take pictures when we're on a public sidewalk?" When he put it that way to me my feathers got ruffled and I did some research. I asked my future father-in-law, who told me that public property is free reign. I googled it and he was completely right. As long as we are on a public sidewalk, street, or land we can take any pictures we want (as long as they aren't inappropriate or of a military base) A store owner can not chase you away as long as you are on the side walk. Period. Granted you probably shouldn't lean against their building but if you take a picture and their building is in the background that is completely okay legally. So this is a tidbit to anyone that is in photography or just happens to be taking a picture of their family around are allowed to take pictures on public property. I thought about mailing the article I found to this store owner but I have decided that I'm just going to let it lie. Next time though I won't be chased away : ) I have a right to be on the sidewalk taking whatever (appropriate) pictures I want. That's my rant...haha back to pictures. : )

Kacey & Andy I love you both. You guys are wonderful together and I'm so happy that you have found each other. God bless your life together.

{b.blissful;b. blessed}


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